Why should I make regular dental visits?

Even if you don't have any pain, there are many dental issues that occur without symptoms and cause loss of teeth. At least one exam every six months is the best method to keep your teeth functional and healthy!

Are dental appointments always stressful and painful?

When proper hygiene practices are done at home (brushing and flossing), dental appointments are very seldomly painful. We do our absolute best to keep you comfortable and stress-free.

Will you work with my insurance provider?

We accept most major insurance plans. If you do not have any insurance, we offer in-house plans to help with the cost of treatment and also accept payment plans through Care Credit and Wells Fargo.

I brush my teeth every day and feel no issues––do I really need to visit the dentist?

The answer is, “Yes!” Many problems in the mouth can occur with no discomfort or pain. Regular visits prevent any problems from progressing too far.