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We understand how important a smile can be to give you confidence! There are many avenues we can take to improve your smile, from Invisalign to veneers, teeth whitening to implant restorations. We look forward to giving you your best smile ever.


Implants are the most state-of-the-art method to replacing missing teeth. They not only feel like teeth, but they never decay and look like your natural teeth! Implants can also be used for multiple missing teeth, such as improving stability of dentures or full mouth rehabilitation cases. Typically, implants are a multi-step process, because healing is required for good success. We only use Nobel Biocare implants, which are the best implants available on the market today. We use the best because we believe our patients deserve the best.


Sealants are a fantastic way of preventing tooth decay when adult teeth first come in. In order to avoid cavities, sealants seal off areas where children are at high risk of decay, such as deep grooves in the biting surfaces of teeth. These will typically be recommended in our pediatric patients when they come in for a routine exam and cleaning, and can possibly be done in the same appointment!


Crowns, or 'caps', surround a tooth completely and are typically used to restore large areas of decay or repair teeth that are fractured. In some cases they may also be necessary for teeth that have had previous root canal therapy, or even for solely cosmetic purposes. We use the most up-to-date and advanced materials for our crowns, which are much more esthetic, stronger, and more wear-resistant than previous older crown materials.


If your tooth is non-restorable or must be removed for other reasons, we are able to surgically remove them for you. We ensure that you will not feel any pain during the procedure and are fully numb. For more complicated extractions we will typically refer to one of our friends who is an oral surgeon.


Fillings are used to restore small areas of decay, or “cavities”. They are typically resin, tooth-colored composite material, but can sometimes be silver amalgam depending on the site of the decay and the age of the patient. There are times when anesthesia is not necessary if the decay is found early enough, so make sure you make your regularly-scheduled hygiene appointments!


We understand that there are some cases where many teeth may need to be removed in certain situations, and one method to replace them is with dentures. Dentures may replace all or some teeth and are removable.

Pediatric Dentistry

We love kids! Screenings can be done as early as age two, but cleanings can be attempted as early as age three. If any restorative work must be done, we offer nitrous to help keep kids at ease.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy, or “endodontics”, involves cleaning and removing the nerve of the tooth due to deep decay into the pulp, or to maintain the stability of a restoration. Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is very rarely painful. The vast majority of our patients have very little discomfort afterwards and feel great in no time!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand how important a smile can be to give you confidence! There are many avenues we can take to improve your smile, from Invisalign to veneers, teeth whitening to implant restorations. We look forward to giving you your best smile ever. Call and ask if you have any questions regarding these options.


These are almost always used for cosmetic purposes and will involve removal of a very minimal amount of tooth structure from the front surface of your teeth. Because they don’t necessitate a large amount of tooth structure to be compromised, they are a great way to improve your smile with less time in the chair.


We offer two products that can significantly improve the color of your teeth to make you confident in your pearly whites when you smile! There are prescription strength whitening strips that are available at the office, as well as a combination of custom bleaching trays and extra-strength gel for the best results. Depending on how white you would like your teeth to be, treatment lengths may vary.

Teeth Straightening

Straightening teeth can not only improve the esthetics of your smile, but can improve your breath, decrease your chances of gum disease and decay, and even make chewing food and speaking much easier for you!


One of our most popular options for straightening teeth, Invisalign has been in the business of improving smiles for over twenty years. It has additional options for more involved tooth movement if teeth need significant realignment.


SureSmile® Aligners are made by experts using the latest technology and proven materials. Unique features allow for personalization for even the most challenging cases. Precise processing of the data and thorough quality control ensure outstanding fit, excellent durability, and aligners so transparent they’re hard to detect.

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